Monday, January 5, 2015

All-Wrapped-Up Free Crochet Baby Cocoon Pattern

All-Wrapped-Up Free Crochet Baby Cocoon Pattern
Pattern created by Emily Wood

Abbreviation List- video tutorials can be found on YouTube
Rnd- round
mc- magic circle (or loop)
Hdc- half double crochet
sl st- slip stitch
st- stitch
inc- increase

Hook- K
Yarn- 3 Skeins Bulky Yarn
2- 1 inch buttons

Instructions: This cocoon is made for a 20-inch-long baby.  The finished length from bottom to top of cocoon measures 16 inches, assuming that the baby will not be laying perfectly stretched out.  To increase the length, add more rounds between rounds 5-14.  Likewise, to decrease the length, leave out rounds between the same area.  Each round/row measures about (a ½ inch tall).  The cocoon is worked in rounds for the first half, so I advise using a stitch marker to keep track of the beginning of each round.

Rnd 1: In magic circle, sc, hdc, 8 dc (10)
Rnd 2: Inc around (20)
Rnd 3: inc every other st (30)
Rnd 4: inc every 3rd st (40)
Rnd 5: (sk 1 st, 2 dc in next st) around. 
Rnd 6-14: (2 dc in space between clusters of last round) around. 
From row 15 until the end, we will be working back and forth in ROWS
Row 15-22: ch 3 and turn, (2 dc in space between clusters of last round) until you reach the beginning of row (do not attach)
Row 23: ch 3 and turn, (2 hdc in space between clusters) 16 times, (2 sc in space between clusters) 3 times, (sc, sl st) in last space to finish

Finishing: With slit to the left, fold rows 15-23 down toward bottom of cocoon and sew into place.  Attach buttons to fold for looks.  Alternatively, you can attach buttons underneath the flap and squeeze them through the holes, securing the flap in place with the buttons.


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  2. Adorable! I have some bulky yarn that has not been designated for a project and this looks like it should be the one!

  3. Thank you for this pattern. I just made it and it came out wonderful! I made a few adjustments of my own. I used needle L (8.00mm) my yarn was too thick I couldn't crochet easily with the K. On the last section I used hdc just to change it up a bit. ☺

  4. This pattern seems a bit rushed in writing & unprofessional.after round 5 you didn't take your time to write your pattern, (2dc in space in between clusters) what does that even mean�� last row of rnd 23 is really confusing as well, in space between clusters is even a crochet term?

    1. This patten reads perfectly. Perhaps you are not a seasoned crocheted. When you do an increase, it creates a cluste . In the next route , you are crocheting in the gap between these clusters.

  5. This is the worst set of instructions i've ever had to go through. I made it close to half way and stopped because the instructions are definitely not the usual terms you tend to see while reading a pattern. This was way too confusing.

    1. The instructions are perfectly fine. Perhaps do a bit more practice and you will figure it out. I've been crocheting for 12 years and had no trouble reading/comprehending this pattern.


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  7. The pattern is clear. I've been crocheting for only 5 years & understand the directions just fine. Thank you for sharing your work and creativity. I am sure many silent stitchers are enjoying your generosity. :)

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